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What do you do about it?

They didn’t just change your behavior. They changed your mind.

Overnight, you began distrusting your fellow man and placing that trust in the government.

To keep you safe. To keep you informed. To keep you alive.

You traded your freedoms and liberties for a false sense of security.

You allowed your loved ones to die alone in a hospital under the mandate “for the greater good.”

You believed the experts whose conflicting, arbitrary and unscientific rulings were forced upon you by your government under the mandate “for the greater good.”

You allowed the government to close businesses and take paychecks out of the hands of good, dedicated workers under the mandate “for the greater good.”

You and others isolated yourselves, huddling together in your homes afraid, downcast, even mentally unbalanced or addicted, under the mandate “for the greater good.”

You forgot. Your fear overwhelmed you. You could not recall this simple truth:

There is no greater good than the God-given Freedom and Liberty to love God and your neighbor, and to worship in that love as you see fit, to live your life based on what you believe and how you want to live it out.

No government can deny those rights to you.

They are not the governments' to give.

They are yours to enjoy, granted by your Creator.

But it was easy for them, nonetheless.

You believed it. You allowed it.

The question is, what do you do about it?

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