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The fearmongers and 'lockdowners' want to talk science? OK, let's talk science of the China virus

When the postmortem is done on the media’s coverage of COVID-19 — and it will be — it will be clear that the virus was no Black Plague — and yes, we are well aware of the recent spike in cases.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of untruth being spread by people we are supposed to be able to trust. SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, has killed 280,135 Americans as of Sunday, December 6 at 3:30 p.m. EST.

That’s not good. But we have to put those deaths in context. Over 80% of those deaths have been those aged 65 or older, 99% of whom had pre-existing conditions that complicated the infection. Right now, nearly 80% of the schools in the U.S. are limited to virtual learning, even though fewer than 120 children have been infected in the entire United State since March, and only two have died.

That’s a far cry from what all the experts were warning about in March and April. First, they predicted 1.7 million Americans dead. Then they redid the models — this time apparently entering a few more “facts” — and said 180,000-240,000 dead. Yes, we’ve exceeded that, but again, consider who has gotten sick. And why.

Officially, New York state reports 6,740 deaths in state-run nursing homes. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has repeatedly denied responsibility and deflected questions about his role, through executive order, that contributed to that death rate by sending China virus-positive elderly patents back to New York nursing homes from hospitals while they were still contagious.

The reality is, New York more likely had nearly twice that number of deaths from the China virus that Cuomo’s executive order — yes, he signed it and it is state records — sent to their deaths, as well as those of their neighbors in those nursing homes. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona have similar numbers form the same age group, for the same reason. Their governors just plain didn’t give a damn.

For perspective, let’s look at the actual facts of the China virus infections across the U.S.

Instead of listening to “science squealing politicians” who wouldn’t know science if it slapped them in the face, here are some real facts: 99.9% who contract the virus survive the virus. It is only deadly, with extremely rare exception, to those in their 70s or over who have preexisting conditions that would complicate a China virus infection.

Death rates are monumentally higher among elderly patients than any other age category in the U.S. or in the world. (Photo: Bernard Condon/Yahoo! News)

Even those in that age bracket who contract the virus survive at a rate of 96%. Masks don't work, as has been known through 42 published studies in the last dozen years. Social distancing is unnecessary if a given exposure is only a few seconds up to 15 minutes. When the vaccine is widely available, it will foment herd immunity and it is going to eliminate infection rates.

The lockdowns and dire warnings are unnecessary, now and in the future. Lockdowns and mask orders, restaurant closings and ridiculous, nonsensical limitations on other small business are about control, not disease prevention.

We are being lied to and manipulated. Claims that we are seeing "1,300 deaths per day" in the U.S. are outright lies. In mid-October, almost two months ago, we surpassed 240,000 deaths. It took us 33 days to reach 250,000 deaths. That math doesn't add up.

That figure is close to the average per day, from the beginning of the pandemic, of 1,163, but it is by no means the current death rate. Over the last 60 days, that rate is 669. The death rate, though still concerning, is declining to less than half of that for the entire disease cycle.

Even the CDC and “St.” Anthony Fauci — elevated to that status by the media that hangs on his every word — two weeks ago, slammed schools closings, saying the rate of transmission or infection among K-12 students is next to zero. It is the New York and California teachers' unions who are driving the closures there, for political purposes — they want to destroy private and charter school education.

The irony? Private and parochial schools in those two states remain open while the public schools are closed.

Those of you who are pleased to be lied to and controlled by your government, go right ahead and buy into the bullshit. More and more of us are refusing to do so. It is time to take our country back.

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