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Telltale signs of a Democrat meltdown: Far-left Democrat activist goes berserk over Sanders losses

Cenk Uygur, the co-founder of the Young Turks, went ballistic on his YouTube show following Sen. Bernie Sanders's poor performance on Super Tuesday.

"Now, it's not over. Now, we're in a tie," Uygur said as early results came in for Super Tuesday, in which he lost his left-wing bid to take the seat vacated by former California Rep. Katie Hill. "And now, we got absolute, dig-in warfare against the establishment. But we didn't start the war."

The host raised his voice as he spoke about the establishment Democrats and how they "lie" about Sanders.

"God damn it, tell the truth, god damn it, tell the truth," he shouted. "“If you wanna go to war, we’ll go to war,” he said to no one in particular.“We cannot let Biden win. This is not just Progressives versus establishment. Guys I need you to understand this: Biden is not gonna beat Trump.”

“Biden is either near senile or actually senile,” he shouted.

The Young Turks is a left-wing online news and commentary program. Uygur has endorsed Sanders for the 2020 presidential nomination. Uygur's meltdown is indicative of the major split that is developing in the Democrat Party just five months before it's national convention, a gathering that may or may not be a brokered affair.

Despite indications Democrats are embracing socialism, the votes cast in Super Tuesday primary elections prove otherwise. One reason the polls have been so skewed and outright wrong the last few years is that pollsters used to be able to rely on party loyalty. Pollsters missed the death notice of party loyalty as documented by The Wall Street Journal 10 years ago.

Populism wasn't born with Donald and Melania Trump's descent on that golden escalator five years ago. It was born during the Bush 43 years when Democrats unexpectedly won the 2006 off-year elections and has grown in strength and numbers ever since — in both parties.

It was that very populism that triggered a big night for centrist candidate Joe Biden, who is took the largest haul of delegates from American Samoa and the 14 states that voted on Super Tuesday. The former vice president's surge was preceded by former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary contest and endorsing him.

Interestingly, the Super Tuesday Democrat primaries are, in a way, "reverse populism," in that the votes going to Biden were not so much a vote for the confused ex-veep from Delaware as they were a populist reaction against socialism as embodied in Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent more than $500 million on ads on Super Tuesday — about $11.6 million per delegate won — announced he was also dropping out Wednesday and endorsing Biden.

Uygur, who was himself on a Congressional ballot in California and lost, lamented that Sanders’ supporters had expected the primary to essentially be over after Super Tuesday, with Sanders taking an overwhelming victory.

In reality, voter angst over socialism — which always has as it's objective to turn a nation communist — combined with the last-minute dropout of Buttigieg and Klobuchar, and their subsequent endorsements of former Vice President Joe Biden, were enough to kick Sanders out of the top spot.

Progressives expect everyone to "see" with the clarity they claim to have of how "good" Sanders and his socialist-soon-to-become-communist agenda would be for America. When they realize hardly anyone outside of their tight-knit clique will agree, they will do exactly what they did when Hillary Clinton prevailed in the 2016 primary race.

They will stay home and refuse to vote at all, and with Sanders carrying the Democrat banner, they will guarantee a huge Trump landslide that will likely kill the party for good.

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