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Our pensions fund China, Corporate America is its lobbyist: Biden & family gets rich in the shadows

China has brazenly threatened U.S. liberty, including our freedoms of commerce, navigation, and communication and the life and limbs of our servicemen and civilians. It has sought to chill speech on U.S. soil and influence our elections. It harbors expansionist ambitions that further imperil our liberties and those of our allies.

In short, there is no greater challenge for American in the realm of national security and foreign affairs. The reality is, that the pension funds of “us Deplorables” financed China through our pension funds, corporate America has served as the lobbying arm for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and Wall Street is its investor relations department.

At a time in which the political-media establishment’s stated concern over foreign influence in the U.S. political system is paramount, we should be asking one question of every U.S. candidate and official: Where do you stand on China, and do you have any entanglements — economic or otherwise — with Beijing that create a conflict of interest or the appearance thereof?

This issue, largely missing from the public discourse (largely because it is missing from media coverage), is particularly relevant to Joe Biden’s candidacy. The overall issue was raised at a recent meeting of China hawks in the financial community by a former President Trump confidante, perhaps telegraphing a critical campaign debate to come.

Aiming his fire specifically at the latest to carry the Democrat banner in the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon said Biden has to reveal the truth of his and his family’s connections to the CCP.

“We need to know every piece of involvement that Joe Biden has had with the Chinese Communist Party,” Bannon said, “as well as the Bank of China and all the financial institutions in China.”

The ex-Trump advisor was alluding to “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer’s reporting in his 2018 book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.” In the book, Schweizer writes about the link between Biden’s role in U.S.-China policy, and a deal consummated by his son Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners with the Chinese government.

Then Vice-President Biden, his son Hunter and Hunter’s daughter Finnegan debark Air Force Two in December 2013 following his questionable and personally lucrative trip to China. (Photo: Ving Dao/AP)

Schweizer recounted how, during an official trip in December 2013 the vice-president negotiated several very sensitive issues with the Chinese, including military presence in the South China Sea, trade with the U.S., tech transfer, and other issues that are headlining concerns today. Biden was criticized on the trip for basically going soft on Beijing.

Shortly after they returned to the U.S., Hunter Biden’s firm received a $1 billion private equity deal from the Chinese government, via the Bank of China] Not from an American business in China;. From the Chinese government itself. The total was later increased to $1.5 billion. We have no way of knowing how much Rosemont made on the deal because there are no disclosure requirements by either the IRS or the SEC.

Schweizer asserted that this was the first time the Chinese government gave a Western firm access to a cross-border investment fund formed in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. In the wake of these revelations, spokesmen for Hunter Biden and his partner at the now-defunct Rosemont Seneca, Christopher Heinz — stepson of former secretary of State John Kerry.

Both parties have disputed the conservative author’s claims. Heinz, in response to a request for clarification from ACV Reports, claims neither Rosemont Capital nor Rosemont Seneca Partners were involved in the China deal.

Bannon tied what he framed as a sweetheart deal for Biden’s son to the Obama administration’s appeasement of China — a line of attack adjacent to one President Trump has started to pursue, namely that Joe Biden was in the White House for eight years.

Under Obama and with Biden’s influence the U.S. allowed the CCP to build artificial, militarized islands [in the South China sea. What did Obama do? He moved one marine brigade to Darwin, Australia. That’s the pivot to Asia. Oh yes, except having Chinese President Xi Jinping come in the Rose Garden, look him in the eye, and on world TV shake his hand and say “No more cyber attacks, no more cyber theft.

How’s that for “effective international diplomacy? Just to be sure, Obama doubled down the following year with the same feckless, useless words.

Joe Biden has to answer the question: “What did you know, when did you know it, and how much money has your family and you personally taken from the most murderous regime of the 21st century?” That is a blunt question, a political firebomb, but it is no less legitimate a question for the electorate do demand an answer to by November 3rd.

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