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New evidence surfaces that Omar committed immigration fraud; FBI releases new information

From the moment Ilhan Omar emerged on the national political scene, rumors followed that she had married her own brother as part of a fraudulent immigration and education scheme. Eventually, intrepid bloggers tracked down enough documentary evidence to justify an FBI investigation. And now, at long last, a witness has emerged from the shadows to flesh out the story.

Scott Johnson at PowerLine and David Steinberg, writing at both PJ Media and The Blaze, have relentlessly teased out the facts behind Omar's complicated marriage and family life. While Steinberg has been on the trail of documents, Johnson, a Minneapolis resident, met people in the Minneapolis Somali community. Steinberg found enough documentary evidence of marital and immigration fraud to set the FBI on Omar. Meanwhile, Johnson filled out the narrative.

Over the years, members of the Somali community began to trust Johnson with the inside story of Omar's escapades. On Thursday, Abdihaikim Osman Nur (AKA Abdihakim Osman) one of those sources, finally went public with the story of how Omar first married Ahmed Hirsi in a Muslim ceremony, without a marriage license, and then married her flaky,

effeminate, British-based brother Ahmed Elmi in a Christian ceremony (which would have been meaningless to both of them), this time with a marriage license.

Omar and her brother/husband Elmi attended North Dakota State using student loans — even as Omar and Hirsi were living together as husband and wife with their two children. Omar and Elmi divorced only in 2017, at which point she had a formal civil ceremony with Hirsi, right before her election.

Omar then moved from the criminal to the scandalous. Although now legally married to Hirsi, the father of her three children, Omar began to have an affair with Tim Mynett, a married father of one who was her chief fundraiser. Omar's campaign sent him more than a half-million dollars in business in 2019 alone.

In November, Omar and Hirsi divorced, with Omar finding $250,000 to buy him out of the marriage. Then, in December, Mynett and his wife divorced, with the judge refusing to allow Mynett's wife to make a statement in court about Mynett's affair with Omar.

Omar, naturally, self-righteously denied the newest allegations about the way in which her private life may have intersected with immigration fraud on Twitter.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) attacked Meghan McCain for posting the truth on Twitter. (Photo: ACV Reports)

Omar's peccadilloes and possible criminal conduct matter. Since her election to the House, she has become one of the faces of the modern Democrat party. Along with her cronies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, as well as tagalong Ayanna Pressley, these four women represent everything that separates the modern Democrat party from the party of John F. Kennedy.

It's not just that these women want open borders, socialized medicine, high taxes, and the end of Donald Trump's presidency that makes them newsworthy and, indeed, important. It's that these are congresspeople who are open about their hatred and contempt for Americans, as well as open about their anti-Semitism.

When he was elected, Barack Obama boasted that he would be "fundamentally transforming the United States of America." He was smart enough to know, though, that he couldn't denigrate America as it was; he could only promise a newer, better America based upon a still hidden leftist agenda. Back then, he spoke about stopping "climate change," healing race relations, growing the economy, and all sorts of other anodyne principles, albeit with a leftist tinge.

Obama didn't mention socialized medicine, open borders, disarming Americans, implementing a Green New Deal that would send America back to a pre-modern time, or pandering to Iran. They were his goals, but they were unspoken.

In a way, in 2009, Obama was the Superego of the new Democrat party, promoting a moral worldview that was supposed to elevate all of us. By 2012, Obama had become the Democrat party's Ego, the functional part of modern leftism that tried to advance leftist policies while phrasing issues in ways that were traditional to America.

Ilhan Omar and her posse, however, are the Id — they are the deep, immature, demanding forces behind leftism that have now been given leave to lead the Democrat party. That's why Ilhan Omar matters — she's one of the toddlers in the driver's seat of our nation, and the fact that she is utterly unprincipled and will do anything she wants to achieve her goals should frighten us all.

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