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Hoax? Mounting evidence that the coronavirus is not the killer government, media are hyping

Fort-five minutes after the New York Stock Exchange opened Friday morning, the Dow was down another 700 points, marking the fifth day of massive selloffs as fears of COVID-19 virus — better known as coronavirus — sweep the world.

Investors supposedly are reacting to interrupted supply chains out of China, from where comes raw materials and basic parts for manufacturing and industry. The communist government there has closed factories due to the deadly outbreak of coronavirus in that country..

President Donald J. Trump has appointed a Coronavirus Task Force headed by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and reporting directly to Vice-President Mike Pence. Protective gear has been ordered by the Administration from American suppliers to provide to airport workers checking inbound foreign travelers, healthcare workers and others who may come in contact with the virus.

Media and government officials are constantly pounding the point of how "dangerous" COVID-19 is and tout measures to avoid exposure such as frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizer, making sure we cover our coughs and sneezes — the same precautions taken during cold and flu season.

What if all this is hype and not fact? What if the coronavirus is a massive hoax?

Obviously, you would want to know any evidence to that effect. Settle in, cause here it is.

Let's start with what is going on in Asia. Obviously, China has proven its healthcare system is a disaster, with over 3,000 people dying from a disease that has a 98 percent survival rate everywhere else. Take, example, the city-state of Singapore.

Singapore, population 5.6 million, has a face-mask problem. Namely, there aren’t enough of them to go around.

Thanks to the COVID-19 virus — better known as coronavirus — the tiny island right off the southern coast of the Malay Peninsula has had an issue keeping the masks in stock, along with hand sanitizer and other assorted items.

Singapore subsidized masks for it population when there was a run on supplies. (Photo: Singapore News)

The government ended up subsidizing masks so that every family could have them after people decided to hoard them like they were bottled water in a storm. Pharmacies reported massive shortages of both the masks and sanitizer.

Never mind that these masks don’t particularly work that well.

Singapore had, as of today, 96 confirmed coronavirus cases. That's just eight new cases since Saturday of last week, and 66 of those infected have fully recovered. That means 0.002 percent of the population is infected. Keep in mind, too, that Singapore’s government is much more open about its COVID-19 numbers than China is being.

In other words, Spanish Influenza this isn’t.

At least Singapore is in Asia, the part of the world the vast majority of coronavirus cases have been identified

The United States, meanwhile, is a huge country with 300-odd million people. We had 53 confirmed cases as of today. And we’re all frightened out of our minds.


Hype, that's why. All the major newspapers, broadcast channels and cable news outlets are giving this "pandemic" 24/7 play. Even Fox News has given into the hysteria.

No one is reporting the facts, which. by the way, were published early in February in The Washington Post.

The report, published February 12, noted that “the virus’s destructive potential has overshadowed one encouraging aspect of this outbreak: So far, about 82 percent of the cases — including all 14 in the United States — have been mild, with symptoms that require little or no medical intervention. And that proportion may be an under-count.

“Health authorities managing the outbreak are trying to understand what that critical fact portends. Are the 60,000 sick people tallied so far just a portion of a vast reservoir of uncounted victims, some of whom may be spreading the disease? And do the mild illnesses reveal characteristics of the virus itself — something that could be useful in crafting a more effective response?”

But this is not a saner world, and if you’re hopeful for a pandemic, then you don’t really care about the facts.

Who would hope for a pandemic, you might wonder? To answer the question, ask another one: Who would benefit from a pandemic?

As mentioned at the top of the story, the stock markets of the world, and particularly in the U.S., have reacted badly to the coronavirus. A tanking economy could hurt President Trump and benefit his eventual opponent from the Democrat Party.

Is the coronavirus a manufactured crisis? (Photo Illustration: ACV Reports:

It was just last summer that the Left was hoping for a recession to damage Trump's economic recovery and make him beatable in November. With the alphabet networks firmly in their camp, how unrealistic is it to think coronavirus panic is their way of bringing on the recession they want?

In past health threats, such as SARS and the Swine Flu, the political parties have put most of their animosities aside and worked together to defeat the disease.

Those days are long gone. Just this week, at the Democrat debate, the Democrats attacked President Trump for what they claim is a "draconian response" to COVID-19. They further claimed that Trump cut the CDC budget and fired a pandemic expert from the National Security Council, leaving the administration unprepared for this outbreak.

Multiple news organizations labeled those claims as either "mostly untrue" or "patently false." That has not stopped the Left from continuing to push those lies to the American people.

Again, statistics show the flu is much more deadly than coronavirus.

The coronavirus has thus far claimed zero lives in the United States. That’s a zero percent fatality rate.

Compare that to the fatality rate for influenza, which is affecting far more people in the U.S. right now, with the Centers for Disease Control stating that 14,657 regular influenza cases were identified during the week ending February 15.

Between October 1 and February 15, the CDC estimates there have been between 29 and 41 million cases of the flu in the U.S., causing between 16,000 and 41,000 deaths.

Remember that the fatality rate in the U.S. from coronavirus is currently zero percent.

Which one is more deadly?

The answer is obvious. So maybe it is time to ask again: Who benefits from this invented panic?

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