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Millennials now outnumber Boomers — and why that doesn't matter in the least

Seven years ago, in the aftermath of the 2912 presidential election, liberals were hailing the emerging Democrat majority. They confidently assured themselves this was the beginning of the remaking of America in a socialist image.

Then came 2014, when Republicans increased their majority in the House and won back control of the Senate. That was followed by the 2016 surprising (if you’re a Leftist) victory by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the race for president, a “stunning repudiation” of the political establishment, as The New York Times framed it.

What happened?

Then as now, Democrats were counting on the first fully brain-washed generation to come of voting age and embrace the evils of socialism. It isn’t that Millennials —those born from 1981 to 1996 — haven’t done that. All one has to do is look at AOC Plus 3 and the popularity they enjoy among that age group to know they have fully embraced it.

The big question is, do they vote? They do, just not in the huge numbers Democrat Leftists would wish. For example, in 2018, only a third of them cast a ballot in the congressional elections.

Millennials are the generation that popularized X sports — not teams, but individual competitors, one person whom they can support and cheer.

That preference for one person over one team extends into their political motivations. Only if they can get completely behind a single candidate who embodies their ideals will they go vote. Hillary Clinton was not that candidate. Bernie Sanders, the old Communist from Vermont, fit that bill. They stayed home.

This year, Millennials were even more vocal and supportive of Sanders, who dropped out of the race amid the growing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic response limiting sizes of gatherings and virtually shutting down political campaigns. Millennials are again faced with a choice that is not their first, in Joe Biden, the former vice-president who is showing explicit signs of dementia.

Will they stay home again?

That’s going to depend on Biden. Will he succumb to his obvious illness, as Ted Rall demanded in an op/ed for Rasmussen Reports? Will renewed allegations of sexual assault and misconduct drive him from the race? Or will he slog through to November and undoubtedly lose to President Trump?

Millennials want to unite against Trump, but only if they are assured their desired socialist state will come to fruition under the Democrat standard-bearer. If Biden or someone else cannot be counted on to do their bidding — and that of the power brokers of the Democrat Party — yes, they will stay home.

Democrats have been busily committing political suicide for over three years, with impeachment, Russia, buffoons in the party leadership and now their dead-pan lies about how Trump is handling the coronavirus. (Illustration: Marcus K. Dowling/

In the long run, it likely does not matter. Democrats across the country are busy committing political suicide and can all but be certain to go down in flames this November.

Just to name a few. I could fill this website with similar incidents, and no, doubters, there are not just as many Republican goofs to balance those out.

Now come new and excited rustlings from the Left again. It seems Millennials last year overtook Boomers as the largest-population generation. Again, hope springs forth that this will be the moment they finally ascend to the ruling class — and they intone that term gravely and quite literally.

But let’s take a serious look at who the Millennials actually are at this time and place.

First, the difference between generation populations now is negligible. Millennials number 72.4 million, Boomers 71.8 million. Of course, with mortality rates for Boomers increasing, those numbers will drift apart fairly quickly.

Ironically, Millennials are expected to increase in number. How is that possible?

Immigration. That’s how. Immigration of both the legal and illegal types have added more people to the Millennial generation than any other. Pew Research estimated the generation will peak at nearly 75 million in 2033. It is estimated that of the 22 million or more illegals in the country, at least a quarter of them fit into the Millennial generation, perhaps more.

The new dominant numbers for Millennials therefore includes roughly 5.7 million illegal entrants to the U.S. Illegals can’t vote, though Democrats would love to sneak them into the system and will likely be successful with a few. This also explains why the Democrats, in spite of major health threats from immigration, remain opposed to border security, immigration quotas and the famous Trump Wall.

Depending on what happens and who the Democrat nominee is, the presidential election will either be a landslide for Trump, or a huge landslide win for Trump.

Does that statement surprise? It shouldn't. Americans are not as stupid as the Democrats and the media prefer. The socialist movement is small and isolated to the coasts. On the other hand, Millennials are not the force at the voting booth they would like to think or the Democrats believe them to be. Also, illegals, despite Democrats’ best efforts, will not be able to sway the election.

The nation will be safe for another four years. After that? Either get real American values back in Washington, or be afraid. Be very afraid.

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