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Leftists, the MSM and social media banned the truth. I bring it back: Fighting the Wuhan Flu

Never have I seen such a blatant effort to silence Americans and prevent truth from being told. This week, that is precisely what the major social media platforms, the mainstream media and the medical establishment have conspired to achieve.

I speak of the “America’s Frontline Doctors Conference” in Washington, D.C. Monday. Literally hundreds of doctors from around the country attended. Nearly all of them have successfully treated the Wuhan Flu with a three-pronged treatment regimen — hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin (Z-pak) and the dietary supplement zinc.

Early in the Wuhan Flu pandemic, European doctors found quick success using the treatment. The CDC and the NIH endorsed its use in the U.S. Suddenly, though, there were a spate of official directives claiming HCQ was found to cause heart attack and stroke, some fatal.

.HCQ has been used for malaria and a variety of respiratory infections throughout the world for 65 years. Never were there any reports of heart or neurological issues. The medical establishment didn’t provide any details, didn’t cite any specific instances, in issuing their warnings.

Many of the doctors associated with American's Frontline Doctors have been threatened by their employers and are facing additional censorship on their personal social media pages. (Photo: Andrea Webb/Washington Post)

The alphabet media, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other Leftist news organizations were happy to tout the warnings. HCQ became a pariah in the fight against Wuhan Flu.

Where states did not ban doctors from prescribing the regimen, pharmacies often refused to fill the prescriptions, thus unethically getting between the doctors and their patients, Many doctors continued to prescribe the approach and their patients got better.

For whatever reason — and I suspect they are numerous — any doctor who continued the treatment was dismissed as a quack who was endangering patients.

The Conference last Monday attacked that viewpoint. It only took Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media a few hours to hunt down ever post, every tweet and every mention the media briefing the doctors held in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and delete them.

Thanks to Mark Levin and BlazeTV, I have brought the key elements of the briefing back to the Internet and social media. Dr. Simone Gold, a board certified ER physician in Washington, D.C., acted as moderator. For her part in the briefing, she was fired late Wednesday afternoon.

— Video Courtesy ©BlazeTV, Mark Levin

Dr. Robert Hamilton, a family practice physician in Santa Monica, California for 36 years, warned of the issues affecting children who are kept out of school, as well as mentioning the suspected forces at work in keeping school closed.

— Video Courtesy ©BlazeTV, Mark Levin

Media have portrayed Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Nigerian-educated board certified ER and pediatric physician in Houston, Texas, as something just less than a witch doctor. In reality, Dr. Immanuel has worked in multiple Ebola epidemics in West Africa and has 20 years of ER practice in Houston. She strongly defended the use of HCQ, Z-pak and zinc in the treatment of the Wuhan Flu.

— Video Courtesy ©BlazeTV, Mark Levin

Another controversial figure who is no stranger to having videos banned by YouTube and other social media is Dr. Dan Erickson. He and his brother run urgent care clinics in Bakersfield, California. They made an earlier video speaking against lockdowns and supporting the use of HCQ against the flu. He spoke of the mental health issues caused by the forced government shutdowns.

— Video Courtesy ©BlazeTV, Mark Levin

Censorship of vital information is a direct violation of these doctors’ First Amendment rights. It is part of an overall plot to undermine the economy, keep the public in fear and the schools closed so that, even if lockdowns are lifted, many parents can’t go back to work.

These physicians have provided the evidence that government, media and the Deep State (or worse) are lying to us. It is no less than a brazen coup attempt, a Marxist takeover of our constitutional republic.

Consider this goes on while riots, looting, increased shooting and murder, along with other brutality occurs. No further proof is needed. If we don’t arm ourselves with our right to vote and prevent this violent overthrow, we will most assuredly need to arm ourselves more tangibly, effectively and offensively after the election.

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