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Despite media take-down efforts and lies, Trump's approval ratings soar as he handles of Wuhan virus

In spite of the grossly transparent efforts of the Democrat-state-controlled media to paint President Trump as incompetent, xenophobic and racist, a new poll by McLaughlin and Associates shows his approval ratings among black, Hispanics and in key battleground states soaring.

The just-compiled national survey of 1,000 likely voters (+/-3.1% at 95% C.I. taken March 23rd to 26th), compared to last month’s survey, shows the dramatic impact of the coronavirus national emergency upon American voters. McLaughlin cofounder Jim McLaughlin compares the upsurge matches those seen after 9/11 and the 2008 economic crisis.

Additionally, the polling firm found that a majority of those polled favor a stay-at-home order nationwide, similar to those issued by 24 states and dozens of counties and municipalities.

“Sentiment for a national shutdown prevailed over every region of the country,” McLaughlin said.

That opinion was uniform by double-digit with inner-city, suburban small town/rural populations. Those over 55 preferred the nationwide shut down by a 52-40 margin and their elders were the only single-digit opinion at 49-41, yet that age group still favored the country-wide stay-at-home order.

Voters overall approve of the president’s handling of the Wuhan Virus crisis. Not only do 60 percent overall support his response to the virus, but so do 44 percent of Hispanics, 34 percent of African Americans, and 55 percent of voters in battleground states.

Approval ratings of the president's overall job performance have risen as his handling of the Wuhan virus crisis has boosted his popularity. (Photo: Fox News)

President Trump’s overall job approval rating has enjoyed a boost as well, likely as a result of him appearing on national television and coming across as authoritative, engaged and consistent. That approval rating is now at 49 percent who approve to only 44 percent who disapprove.

In battleground states that job approval rating is even higher, averaging 51 percent, with spikes in Michigan and Pennsylvania to 55 percent.

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the McLaughlin poll is that the voters across the country are buying in to the president’s desire to remake Washington, D.C.

The number of voters who want the president to continue to fight to change Washington has increased to 56% saying yes vs. only 32% who say no. Republicans give the president near unanimous support for changing Washington 90%-5%.

Independents want change 50%-32%, and 28% of the Democrats support change. Among Hispanic voters 43% want change and among African American voters 35% want the president to change Washington.

Obviously, things can change between now and November, but the trend of support towards President Donald J. Trump But while Democrats have been claiming he “just doesn’t appear presidential,” as Joe Biden claimed Friday.

What is really bothering Biden and the Democrats is that he has basically become irrelevant during the Wuhan Virus outbreak. With Trump’s surging poll numbers and his daily ability to prove that he is presidential, the media and the Democrats will become more desperate by the day to try to bring him down.

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