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An old Leftist dream is suddenly 'mainstream' as cities across U.S. consider defunding police

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unilaterally slashed the city’s police department budget Thursday by not only canceling a city council-approved $700 million increase for bonuses and new hires bus also by cutting an additional $150 million from the current budget.

In New York, more than 40 city council candidates called for a $1 billion cut to the NYPD's $6 billion budget over four years to help fund the always ubiquitous “community service programs.”

Wisconsin Democrats are trying to pass a bill into state law that would dictate training, hiring and engagement with suspects standards to every city, large or small, across the state.

Black Lives Matter and a coalition of more than 100 other black rights organizations launched an open letter this week calling on citizens to sign a petition to demand local officials decrease funding for police departments to spend more :on health care, education and (again) “community programs.”

This represents a sudden burst of support for a long-time Leftist fringe demand that we defund police departments. These new actions to slash police budgets are being sparked by the nationwide protests against the death of George Floyd and police brutality.

Rest assured, these demands are stupid —that’s the only appropriate label — and are being pushed by rich white Leftist elitists working in tandem with Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement. The inherent dangers of cutting police budgets should be obvious, but the liberal media is not interested in exposing this fraud.

Just in case I have to make this clear yet again, I am in complete support of protestors’ outcries about both Floyd's death and police violence. But I also know that the country needs law and order to bring justice for those wronged.

On Wednesday evening, amid a torrential thunderstorm, two New York Police Department officers were shot and one was stabbed in the neck.

This past weekend in drive-by shootings, over 80 Chicagoans were shot — predominantly young black men, but other young black men. Who investigates those cases?

In Philadelphia there is a 14-year-old black girl missing. Who looks for her? The police are there to protect the community — from rioters, from looters, from thugs, criminals and sexual predators. They are not there to protect those law breakers from the community.

Retired Police Captain David Dunn, 77, was shot to death by someone involved in a St. Louis riot Saturday, with the sign at his family’s memorial outside their home saying it all. (Photo: Colter Peterson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

There are problems with policing, I agree. When a young black man is eight times more likely to be stopped and questioned by police, when any dissent he makes is grounds for “resisting an officer” and especially when the stop is almost always without real grounds, changes need to be made.

Those are real problems. “Police brutality” Is not. CNN’s Chris Cuomo would have us believe police shootings like in the death of Ahmaud Aubery “every day.” They don’t. Far from it.

In fact, according to The Washington Post officer involved shooting database, only nine unarmed black men and one unarmed black woman was shot dead by police in 2019. That is in contract to 19 unarmed white men being shot and killed in struggles with police.

Overall those are among 1,004 shooting by police resulting in death last year. Only two shootings, both involving black victims, resulted in charges. My question, therefore, to those who want to defund the police is, Why don’t you consider the consequences of doing so?

Let's remove the police and use the example from Lubbock, Texas, where an armed man showed up with a long gun among the looters. He said he was going to take out any MAGA supporters. The police and the law enforcement officials stepped in and he is under arrest with federal charges.

What if the police and law enforcement had not been there, who takes this guy down? Do you think he is going to fire into the crowd selectively or indiscriminately? This is ridiculous. He could have killed dozens of innocent people, perhaps hundreds, if Lubbock defunded it’s police department.

I know there are very few advocates for totally eliminating police. Most supporters of defunding are against completely eliminating government-certified and paid police officers. Nonetheless, what do you suppose you get with an overworked and understaffed police unit? Chaos. That’s what you get.

There are dead cops in New York City. There is a retired police captain dead who was trying to help a friend in St. Louis, where four active-duty police officers were also shot during weekend riots.. In one weekend, half as many police officers died by rioters' hands as young unarmed black men were killed in 2019. There are injured cops all around this country because of Black Lives Matter, and that has taken us to where we are today.

Again, to the American people, these thugs are championed by dangerous elitists who live in their bordered walls and homes where they don't have to deal with the things in society that we do. Black Lives Matter is a dangerous farce, and it is to blame for this ludicrous anti-police rhetoric and the deaths of those officers lost.

We can’t afford to listen to them, or let our politicians act in their behalf.

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