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Adam Schiff is a sociopath, an inveterate liar, and it's time for him to be shown Congress' door


It is time for Adam Schiff to go.

We now know that he has spent the last three years bold-facedly lying to the cameras and newspapers about Russia Collusion. He repeated the tired phrase “clear evidence” ad nauseum. But as was long suspected, he knew better and insisted on a corrupt narrative nonetheless.

With the release by Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell of thousands of pages of House Intelligence Committee hearing transcripts investigating the FBI in 2017, we have learned the truth.

It is a deeply disturbing truth. A cabal of Obama sycophants — including James Comey, James Clapper, Sally Yates and Susan Rice — nattered endlessly on the alphabet networks about the Trump-Russia connection.

These same people, busily assuring the American public of Trump’s guilt for months, went before the Committee and admitted there was no evidence whatsoever. No campaign employee, Trump insider nor Trump himself cooperated with Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

As a member of the committee when Republicans were in charge of the House, Rep. Schiff (D-CA) heard the testimony of 57 witnesses who told the Committee of the complete lack of evidence.

So either Schiff either has selective amnesia, or he’s a pathological liar. On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, the Fox prime time hose skewered Schiff with the latter accusation.

Schiff’s dishonesty goes far beyond just the lies he’s told about Trump’s “culpability” in the Russia hoax, however. Not only did he constantly repeat the rather generic “clear evidence” phrase, he also defended the FBI as having honored the FISA Court requirements.

It was Schiff who insisted all along that FBI and Department of Justice officials did not abuse the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) courts or hide information from judges. But according to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, in his report released last December, that’s what the FBI did.

The “DOJ met the rigor, transparency and evidentiary basis needed to meet FISA's probable cause requirement,” insisted Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, in a 2018 memo that should be carved in marble.

But the FBI did not meet those rigorous standards. It didn’t offer transparency. Officials hid evidence from the court, or fabricated evidence to get what it wanted.

It was Schiff who insisted that the FBI didn’t heavily rely on the so-called Steele dossier, the salacious Democratic Party-paid-for opposition research against Trump. But Horowitz shows the salacious dossier was a joke that the FBI relied on heavily — and even made up evidence to keep the dossier useful before the courts, though key officials knew that what was in it wasn’t true.

We also know from the Horowitz report that the dossier played a “central and essential role” in obtaining warrants to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.

We also know that Schiff lied to the public about what had happened, as his media handmaidens protected him and trashed his fellow House Intelligence Committee member, U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, a California Republican, who tried to warn the country of the FISA abuse.

Adam Schiff has been lying to the American public for three years, and this article doesn’t even begin to deal with the multitude of lies told when he tried to prosecute the Trump impeachment in January. (Photo:

Schiff’s decision to embrace the dossier and read it into a government proceeding gave the document enhanced public credibility with the media, just weeks after it had been leaked to the news site Buzzfeed and before its funding origins and accuracy were determined.

Declassified memos show Steele was far from being held in “high regard” as Schiff claimed at an Intel Committee hearing way back in March 2017: By March 2017, the FBI had already terminated Steele for leaking (November 2016), been warned he was susceptible to Russian disinformation (2015), and been told he had an extreme bias against Trump (August 2016).

Further, Steele’s primary sub-source had disputed to the FBI facts attributed to him in the dossier, warning that Steele’s claim about the Trump Campaign aid Carter Page meeting with Russian gas giant Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin was inaccurate and fed to him by someone connected to Russia intelligence, raising the distinct concern it was disinformation.

Schiff has spent the last three-plus years lying: Lying to the media lying to Congress, lying to every American Citizen. His media cohorts have aided and abetted those lies and must also be held accountable. Always eager to turn the cameras on the California congressmen to spread chum in the political waters for their anti-Trump feeding frenzy, they have allowed his lies to stand unchallenged.

The only accountability for the media is the public being willing to turn them off. Unfortunately, the Left is addicted to their ridiculous hate-filled pontificating about President Trump.

Schiff can be held accountable, however. He needs to be censured and given the ultimate penalty of expulsion from the House of Representatives.

Perhaps the Republicans can make that a priority when they regain the “people’s House” in January 2021.

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