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Act of War: Clear evidence China attacked us with the Wuhan Virus

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The current pandemic has at its center a virus that, it must be admitted, would be the perfect biological weapon, if that was what it was supposed to be. But of course, we all know that’s not the case.

Don’t we?

As of Friday, there were over 1.6 million cases of Wuhan Virus across the world, with 475,244 cases in the U.S...

That in itself is strange. The U.S. has just over four percent of the world’s population, but we have nearly 29 percent of the Wuhan Virus cases. Aside from the U.S. being the preferred destination of the world, that almost looks like we were targeted.

Of course that would be a logical conclusion, if the virus is a weapon. Which it isn’t. Right?

People with the Wuhan Virus, or COVID-19 as the politically correct call it, can carry it for up to 14 days before symptoms become apparent. During that time they potentially can infect dozens, perhaps even hundreds of people, who in turn infect hundreds if not thousands more.

An evil empire bent on causing the greatest harm would perhaps try to develop a deadly virus with such a long incubation period. Perhaps, unintentionally due to lax security measures, such a weaponized virus still in development could accidentally be unleashed on this alleged evil empire’s own unsuspecting people.

Once that happened, the government might not give them any warning or in fact deny the dangers of the virus. That government might initially claim the virus could not be spread by human-to-human contact as its impact became apparent to its own citizens.

That government may not bar their people from traveling abroad. They possibly would even be willing to take advantage of the accidental release by sending thousands of them — or maybe five million of them — on trips to their enemies’ countries and let them unknowingly spread the virus as they did government or private business at their destinations.

Call it a “dry run” for a viral attack.

Anxiety spread in the U.S. and across the world as the virus took hold in over 180 countries. (Photo: New York Post)

As the virus spread across the globe, this empire’s medical personnel who would want to warn the world might be silenced by the government, “disappeared” or banned from social media, even quarantined in their own homes with armed soldiers making sure they did not leave.

A few of them might even die from the virus despite being medical professionals who — if not locked down — would normally have access to the level of medical care such empires allow their elites.

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, this is what happened in Wuhan, China when the virus outbreak occurred.

Evidence points to the fact the Wuhan Virus escaped from a biological warfare lab in the city, located 521 miles west of Shanghai, which is on the east coast of China. Officially, China says a horseshoe bat was sold at a “wet market” near a biological research lab to a consumer who prepared it for a meal and later contracted the virus.

That begs the question, where did the bat come from?

Without question, China for years has been doing research at its Wuhan biolab that could be used to create coronaviruses harmful to humans. The researchers have left a clear paper trail.

The Wuhan lab that does this research is less than a mile from the “wet market” China claims is the source of the virus. It is known that researchers at the lab, once their work is done with experimental animals, sell those animals at the wet market.

In a 2008 article in the Journal of Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) researchers described how they were genetically engineering SARS-like viruses from horseshoe bats to enable them to use angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) to gain entry into human cells. The WIV is a Level IV lab, meaning it is capable of producing biological agents to be used as weapons.

Interestingly, the ACE2 receptor is the same used to control hypertension. No one taking an ACE inhibitor — let me repeat that, no one taking an ACE inhibitor — has contracted the Wuhan Virus, anywhere in the world. That is something that our medical experts should be following up on during the wind-down from peak infections.

Suspicions arise that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), a Level IV biowarfare lab in China, authorized research that led to the accidental release of a weaponized coronavirus that has now spread around the world (Photo: Xinhua News Agency)

Then there is a 2013 article in Nature by some of the same WIV researchers entitled, “Isolation and characterization of a bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor.”

They conclude that Chinese horseshoe bats are natural reservoirs of SARS-CoV, the original SARS virus that petered out before becoming the pandemic it was predicted to be in 2003. Their research indicated that intermediate hosts may not be necessary for direct human infection by some bat-originated SARS-like coronaviruses.

Here we find the Wuhan biolab involved in collecting a range of SARS-like coronaviruses from horseshoe bats and proving that, like the SARS virus itself, some of these other naturally occurring coronaviruses could infect human beings directly. Again, just like the Wuhan virus does.

China has already taken some action that indicates this virus was weaponized but unintentionally released.

The highly respected New York Post published an investigative piece on February 22. In it, they reported that, at an emergency meeting in Beijing the previous Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke about the need to contain the coronavirus and set up a system to prevent similar epidemics in the future.

Xi suggested that a national system to control biosecurity risks must be put in place “to protect the people’s health,” Xi said, further indicating that lab safety is a “national security” issue. Xi didn’t actually admit that the coronavirus now devastating the world, and in particular the United States, had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs.

Contradicting that lack of candor is the more than coincidental reality that the next day, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive titled: “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”

Buried inside that weighty tome is the directive that research animals must be destroyed when their usefulness has passed, and makes it a felony to sell them anywhere.

Yet the mainstream media — what I call the alphabet networks and the Leftist propaganda arm of the Democrat Party — claim there is no evidence that China deliberately engineered the current virus, and certainly no evidence they deliberated released it into the world.

Inexplicably, U.S. news organizations have rushed to defend China from allegations that the Wuhan Virus is a weaponized biologic that escaped a Level IV biowarfare lab. (Photo Illustration: ACV Reports)

They are right that it wasn't deliberately released. Perhaps that is why none of their articles don't address and accidental release.

These pseudo-media fronts for Democrat Party propaganda have tried to “fact check” to death those concerns by mischaracterizing them by citing so-called experts. But many of those who rush to China’s defense, it turns out, have undisclosed ties to that country, and even to the Wuhan Institute of Virology itself.

Virologist Danielle Anderson, who was cited by Health Feedback in its hit piece denying deliberate development of a weaponized virus, works for the National University of Singapore. NUS is an “International Partner” of the WIV. In fact, Anderson's joint project with the Wuhan lab is called “Combating the Next SARS- or MERS-like Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreak by Improving Active Surveillance.”

One assumes she and her Chinese partners have moved on from the current pandemic and are now researching the “next outbreak,” since they obviously missed this one.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Steven W. Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, are being hammered in mainstream media outlets for even suggesting that the Wuhan virus may have escaped from the Chinese lab.

Whatever reasons China’s apologists have for defending China — to protect themselves and their Chinese colleagues, to shift the blame away from China onto America, to blame President Trump — they are offering opinions, not facts.

To determine the actual origin of the pandemic we need only one thing. China must immediately release all of the coronavirus research records of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Wuhan Center for Disease Control.

Once we have these records from China, it will be easy to do a comprehensive sequencing comparison of the Wuhan Flu virus, SARS-CoV-2, with all of the coronaviruses isolated, sequenced, and studied at these biolabs.

If we find no matches in the research records, this will prove China’s innocence, at least in terms of the origin of the epidemic.

If there is a match, we will know not only that it escaped from the lab, but we will also learn from the research records whether it was in some way engineered.

If the Beijing regime has nothing to hide, then it should be happy to authorize the release of the records that will clear its name. So should the Wuhan Institute of Virology, whose director recently said in an emotional interview that she swears on her very life that her Institute did not release the virus.

Despite the denials and media coverups, the lack of Xi's candor and the certainty those records will not be released, there is only one conclusion that can be reached: Intentionally or not, we have been attacked by China. There is no doubt, this was an act of war. How we respond will determine the future of the world.

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