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A delusional Pelosi wants to remove Trump via the 25th amendment, highlighting Democrat desperation


Democrats and their friends in the liberal mainstream media mob are apparently having an extremely difficult time accepting that President Donald Trump — who had a brief China virus scare — is feeling great and essentially made a full recovery from the virus in a matter of a few days.

Baseless conspiracy theories abound that the president is only functioning thanks to a potent mix of medical steroids to complete denial that the president is in good health — even though all of his doctors have reported that is the case.

Now, the queen of the anti-Trump Democrat swamp, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is backing the left’s accusations that the president is somehow not fit for office. She laughably suggests that a commission will be formed — through legislation that will never see the light of day — to bypass the president’s own cabinet in an effort to declare him incapacitated and force him from power.

“I think that the public needs to know the health condition of the President,” Pelosi said Thursday, in teasing her Friday announcement. “There’s one question that he refused to answer … when was his last negative test?” The Speaker demanded the information, saying it was necessary in order to “make a judgment about the actions that were taken after that.”

So, just in case you’re not familiar with the 25th Amendment — an option that Democrats have probably literally dreamed about since Trump took office — it would essentially allow for a process that would transfer the power of the presidency to the vice president, effectively removing Trump from the Oval Office.

Without getting into the boring details, invoking the part of the 25th Amendment that would remove a sitting president from power would require Pelosi to check off a lengthy list of virtually improbable processes.

Those include support from the Republican-controlled Senate, Vice President Mike Pence’s support and more. While the amendment has previously been used a handful of times to temporarily transfer power in cases of medical situations, it has never been used to remove a president from office.

Supporters can rest assured, President Donald Trump will not be the first president forcibly removed from office. (Photo: Stan Bedford/AP)

Before you begin to worry, even remotely, you can bet your bottom dollar that President Trump will not be the first president to be involuntarily removed from the White House. Not a chance. He certainly isn’t going to sign into law a highly unlikely piece of legislation that would remove him from office.

The desperation of the Neo-Fascist Socialist Democrats to remove Trump speaks directly to the reality of this election: The polls are wrong, and the Democrats know it. They are going to be swept away into history in a landslide victory for, not only President Donald Trump, but for down-ticket races in the Senate and the House.

Why else would the ultra-Leftists of the party form a new party?

Democrats know full well this election is a lost cause for them. They are desperate to hold onto their power, and they will fail to do so at the ballot box.

If Pelosi is actually serious and wants to begin wasting taxpayer time and dollars on discussions about invoking the 25th Amendment, it will see about as much success as the hoax impeachment, the hoax Russian collusion investigation and every other political tool that Democrats have weaponized in an effort to undermine the duly-elected 45th president of the United States.

With the general election only a couple dozen days or so away, Democrats are likely to literally try anything — and we mean anything — in order to disrupt the upcoming Senate hearings for Amy Coney Barrett. The desperate, power-mad politicos will also do whatever they can to muddy Trump’s good name in an effort to get the struggling Biden campaign a few extra votes.

Quite frankly — and we believe thousands of people agree — if anyone needs to be removed from power for not being fit for office, it’s Pelosi herself. She can barely string together a coherent sentence, not to mention that her mental acuity seems to have greatly dulled over the past several years.

Whether that’s through something similar to the dementia Biden obviously suffers, or her suspected penchant for being “in the bottle” every day, is irrelevant. Her effectiveness as a party leader is long past.

Bottom line: Democrats need to stop fantasizing about removing Trump, because it’s never going to happen, and start doing the job that they were elected by the People to do.

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